maandag 22 maart 2010

The juice adventure -6

This day I didn't felt so great.
I was tired, and hungry all the time.. Maybe because It was monday, that is a good option.
But yeah, I noticed that I haven't felt any greater.. Like, My mum has many improvements and she is doing just wonderful and has much energy, but I am just like normal. Don't feel bad, but don't feel superior.

So this day, I just lived. The one nice thing was when my mum and I were at the market. Because normally you get crazy about everything you smell, and you want to buy fish, and chips, and bread.. and whatever, but this time. We just smelled the good food, and didn;t think about buying it. That was a nice thing!

I kind of want to start writing down conclusions, because this feels like the last day. Tomorrow is the last day that I will not eat at all. After that, I'll have three days of not eating nothing, but gradually getting used to food again. Iam planning on eating superhealthy, because I feel like I can make a good start now.
Day six was more a day of thinking about day 7 and the three builing up- days ( or whatever you call those days) than worrying about this day. I guess that's a good thing..

Of course, I have many other things to say, But if I do, my title is not right anymore.. SO

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