zondag 21 maart 2010

The juice adventure - 3,4,5

Dear readers,

The reason why I am not writing to you anymore is because I am doing very well.
Drinking the juice has become more and more normal. I have found this kind of system that works very well. Every hour I get hungry, so i drink some. In that way, I never feel hungry, and the juice is actually helping me to feel better, and not otherwise.
Another thing I learned, is that I don't need to put to much pepper in it. That makes is very horrible. So I kind of left that out of it, and that taste a lot better!
I'm actually quite surprised that I hanven't eaten anything since tuesday night. I mean, I never thought I could do that! Yes, I do miss the food. Yesterday at Scouting, they were eating hamburgers, and I couldn't eat it.. that was a hard part. But then, I was at home and saw my dad eating a hawaii Pizza, and I really don't like Hawaii Pizza's, so I was glad I didn't have to eat that.

Other that the hard parts of day, I just enjoy all the time i have left not having to eat. Waking up goes very easy ( I sleep very good ) and I don't have to eat before going to school, just make some juice and drink it the way to school. Also dinertime. There's about an hour time when you normally would eat. In stead , I just chill, or have a shower, or anything else.It's actually not that bad, having more time.

My mum ( who does the same as me) is realy feeling better. She sleeps better, and her joints don't hurt that much anymore, and she has a log of energy! It's great to hear! I don't really have those things to say, but maybe that will come...

Have a wonderful sunday,

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dus je eet vanavond geen paaseitjes? (want die heeft Mirjam wel gekocht!!)