donderdag 18 maart 2010

The juice adventure - 2

I live on ups and downs.
7.15 AM Wake up - Feel pretty good, no hunger i think
7.18 AM - O , I am hungry. But I think this day will be okay
8.00 AM - Just made some juice, Not looking forward to it. Decided to drink a whole bunch now. Here it comes.
8.02 Am Not a good decicion. Everything came out again, not it is in the Toilet. Weird, I don't feel weak or anything now. Actually, i feel pretty good now.
10.00 AM - i am going to give up. If my stomach throws everything out again, it is clearly that it does not want it. It's ot healthy, there you go. That's a good excuus.
11.47 AM My friend D. Tells me not to drink to much at once. She's good to me, helps me getting through it.

3.10 PM Horseriding. Just had a few sips of it and feels fine now. Weather is So lovely, I totally forget to think about food or anything.
4.30 PM Still on the Horse. I think I fuond out a rythm to survive. Because if I only drink when my stomach begins to complain, I don't feel like vomitting or anything. And the hunger is gone too. So, that's what I am going to do, only drink when you really need vitamins or calories.

6.15 PM The food smells So good. They have these italian kind of bread things ( I LOVE BREAD) and they smell like heaven. I decided to take a shower.
6.45 PM In the shower with a groaning stomach. that feels weird, never done that before. I guess I'll make some more juice after I'm done here.

8.00 PM Feeling pretty good. Haven't eaten for 50 hours now. That's a new record.
I have to pie all the time. Never had that, it's coming out like a fountain, crazy! Have to go every hour, hello....

9.21 PM have about half a liter left. I'll finish it. Day 2 only, I know it's just day 2, but I thought i was going to give up yesterday. Tomorrow I will not be a loser, I'll not talk about it all the time. Don't pay attention to it .
Just drink.

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jeltsje zei


Marjolein zei

woow, dat klinkt echt als n marteling. Ik ben het met Jeltsje eens, Held!

Maarten zei

o sorry !! wij hadden het er de hele tijd over(A).