maandag 17 mei 2010


I don't feel good at all.
After I was done with my Dutch Exam I felt pretty good. But this evening I decided to see the answers.. No good. I got all warm inside and it kind of hit me in the wrong way. I have made many mistakes, I didn't understand the text where I had to make Summery for AT ALL and I got it all wrong. Man, that just sucks, really. It makes me really sad, and also a bit angry. And Anxious for tomorrow.. And for my Re-exams.. Man o man..
All that time I hadn't any stress at all, but now it will not stop. I am warm, and my stomach hurts a bit, and I can't chill down and I can't relax. I've never had this before. Not like this. Not for school.
Tomorrow I have Math, so I can trust on my knowledge and commen sense. That makes it better. I know I'm good at Math.. Just keep saying that, and it will be allright.
I'm going to look it over one more time.
And forget about this day's exam. It's oke... Calm down. Relax.. drink some hot milk.. think about sunshine.


2 opmerkingen:

jacq zei

nathan vond het ook lastig, mischien een schrale troost. maar de normering zal misschien wat soepeler zijn. Succes verder!

Lydia zei

ja, iedereen vond het stom..
Het is een troost :)