woensdag 28 april 2010


You know what you should do?
Write a letter.
Not type it.
Write it.
Put a poststamp on the envelope and write a name of someone you love on it. The Adress in bold letters.
Then walk to the mailbox and first kiss it before you release it. It disappears with all the other letters and when you walk back to your house you start it imagen the wonderful trip the letter will make. It gives it character, it gives a story.

You should write about normal day things where you never really talk about. About flowers, or what the world thaught you today. You should send it to someone you would probably never recieve a letter from.

I am reading a book which is made out of letters. Only letters. It is wonderful and I wish we all wrote eachother more letters. It's sadthe computer made everything go so fast.
The guernsey Literary and Potato Piel Pie Society is a wonderful book. It makes me wanna write letters all the time in a "letter"style.. You talk differently to someone else when you wrtie him or her a letter. You should try. Your words are different\, your subjects are different.

You should do it.

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Maarten zei

ik denk dat ik niet zo goed ben in brieven schrijven...

ps: we wachten met smart op je volgende blog! of heb je het te druk met leren??