dinsdag 1 juni 2010

Herman and Teun.

There is going to be a movie of it ( with more things in it) but my computer is So slowly and I need to convert the files and that takes for ever and I can't find a proper programme for that, SO.....
Take it or leave it.

Herman and Teun are two Pumpkins. I've been waiting for them, and from the very beginning from when they were very little, I took care of them. I am their mother, and I love it!
Herman was my first born, and you can see that, because Herman is Taller than Teun. On the other hand, Teun is a bit bigger. Like his leafes are a bit bigger, they grow a bit faster.
Teun and Herman came as a total surprise. My mother had some pumpkinseeds left from a long time ago when we ate pumpkin myself ( something I can never do anymore). As an experiment I put two pumpkins in some soil and gave them water. 4 days later, nothing happened yet. I wanted to give up and throw it all away. But the next morning, O, what I saw there!! Two little, cute, but beautiful pumpkin-beginnings.
And now look at it! They are ready to go into the wild, outdoors!
And I can't wait to see how they grow, day by day!

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