donderdag 4 maart 2010

It's your weakness that I want.

All people have have it : a weakness. And I think that is one of the hardest things to deal with. I think there are many different ways to deal with it. I just saw this video of Jon Abel, who is a great guitar player and worshipleader. He lost one of his fingers. He thought he never would be able to play guitar again. He thought he would never be able to worship God through music again. I found it fascinating how that thought changed. Because Jon realized that a weakness is not meant to make you unhappy. A weakness is not meant to be further away from God ; It should get you closer. He could play guitar, he just had to learn how to with a half finger. He was reminded of God's grace everytime he saw that half finger. I was so touched by this story.
I can really get that back to my own life. My struggles, my weaknesses. I know that because of that weakness I have even more oppertunity to get to know God. To feel his mercy! I guess I just want to encourage you:
Whatever it is what is a burden on your heart,
whatever is your weakness,
whatever you can't let go off,
know that HE can use that.

If you pray for Love, does he Give you love, or an oppertunity to show love.
If you ask for courage, does God gives you courage, or an oppertunity to be courageous?
If you pray to have more strenght, does he give you that, or does he give you an oppertunity to be strong?

I pray for oppertunities to show love.

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