maandag 29 september 2008

trying to write

Ik probeer de laatste tijd wat meer engels te schrijven, omdat mijn cursus vooral zal bestaan uit engels schrijven.
Ik heb geen idee of ik alles wel goed schrijf, en ook qua grammatica, dus aan jullie de taak daar achter te komen.


She felt like she was falling. Falling to the ground, but the ground never appears. Her head was spinning and her heart was beating in her chest. She screamed, but the trees didn’t answer. She began to run through the forest. It was dark, in the middle of the night. Her bare feet were bleeding from all the rock she’d passed. She was still crying, but the wind blew her tears away.
In her head she still could hear him speak: ‘He didn’t survived. He didn’t make it. He passed away.’ The doctor had hold her when she cried. Her baby, her child, was dead. She couldn’t believe. She’d been crying for hours, and now she was alone in the forest, and there were no tears left she could cry.

3 months ago.
‘Monty, would you please clean your room now?’
He didn’t say anything and went to his room. She sighted. ‘Monty, what’s wrong with you? Why are you so sad? I haven’t seen your friends for weeks!’ She looked gently to him, but his face didn’t changed. ‘Mom,’ he said calm, but with a bit disappointment. ‘I’m just busy with school and they are too.’ He tried to grin, but a fake smile was the best he could give. Then he walked away to his room. He did understand her. Nowadays he was so full of energy, and happy. But time had changed everything. 17 was he, and still his mother thought she had to control everything. After the death of his father, she changed. It was like she was afraid to loose him too. He understand her. He was the only one left to love. He won’t blame her for what has happened to him, how he was changed. That’s a result of how she treats him. She wants to know everything about him. What he’s doing, what he’s thinking, almost everything. The more she wants to now, the less he tells. It is contrarily. He loves his mother, he always have. He also loves his dad. Although all the mistakes he made, all the wrong deeds. It is still hard to believe. When he things about the whole story, he gets angry and gloomy at the same time. He did understand his fathers life wasn’t easy, but that was not a reason to leave your wife and child for ever. But now he has left this life, he must be happier there above. Sometimes Monty looks to the sky, and thinks about the good things of his father. Then kiss his mother, and went so bed, with his room still a mess.

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Martijn Johannes van den Berg zei

hee liedje,
goed verhaaltje, leuk, ik heb niet heel goed gelet op fouten, maar het las wel lekker.
tot vrijdag! x